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Hi Everyone, I just wanted to share a quick note about some exciting news! Stay tuned for my NEWEST e-book available for purchase on It’s titled, “What a Rock Legend Taught Me About Business.” Should be ready to drop on Wednesday July 20, 2016.

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Woman Sues Starbucks For Putting Too Much Ice In Her Drinks, Because America — Dating, Fitness, Celeb Gossip & Everything College | CC

Via Shutterstock Today in absurd news, an Illinois woman is reportedly suing Starbucks over the amount of ice they put in their customer’s drinks. She’s asking for a cool $5 mil to be exact. Pun intended. Pincus filed the suit in federal court on Wednesday and is accusing the popular coffee chain of stiffing their customers by putting…

via Woman Sues Starbucks For Putting Too Much Ice In Her Drinks, Because America — Dating, Fitness, Celeb Gossip & Everything College | CC


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What would you do?…

In the news recently there was a very interesting article that made me wonder how many other people would do this…

Apparently a man in Vancouver, Canada, found a huge wad of cash in the street while he was just walking along, minding his own business. At first he thought it must’ve been a prank but when he looked closer and saw how much money there was, he realized it was real. The man turned in the money to the RCMP  and they are still looking for the owner of the, “significant” amount of cash. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are happy to be reassured that when faced with a moral decision, people will do the right thing.

What would you do if you found a wallet full of cash? Or a bank deposit bag on the curbside? Or a wad of cash in the middle of the sidewalk? I would like to believe that every single one of us would take it to the cops or return it to it’s rightful owner…I am a huge believer in Karma and that most people are genuinely good people that care about others.

Comment on this post to let me know what you think and what you would do! Has anyone ever turned in something you’ve lost? Or have you ever found something and returned it? Let me know and I’ll post your experience on


Ideas for Date Night…

I think that couples can sometimes get into a routine with things. We tend to go to the same restaurants, or do the same activities or even just spend a lot of weekends in front of the t.v. in silence. This happened to us and my husband and I decided to shake things up a bit. We got a few popsicle sticks, a marker and a jar and went to work; we wrote down a bunch of fun activities that we could do on each stick and put them in the jar. Now each week we pick out a stick and do what it says! It stops boredom, allows you to try new things and most of all it allows you and your significant other to do something fun together. Let your imagination be your guide! Here were some of our ideas:

  • cruise around town
  • dinner theatre
  • jazz club
  • karaoke
  • line dancing
  • local festival
  • art crawl
  • pub crawl
  • comedy club
  • concert
  • theatre
  • camping
  • stargazing
  • walking on the beach
  • museum
  • planetarium
  • picnic
  • wine tasting
  • farmers market
  • breakfast
  • mini golf
  • take a free class
  • poetry reading
  • race track
  • pool hall
  • casino
  • cook together

The list is endless! Have fun with this and most of all enjoy the memories you create! IMG_7292IMG_7293IMG_7294

Have you ever felt…

Hey Readers, I’m home today because I’m feeling under the weather, a nasty virus has hit our workplace, (sinuses and head feel like they’re going to explode) and I needed to take the day to rest and relax both physically and mentally.

I know there’s some people who don’t believe in astrology, or how eclipses can affect them, but I am not one of those people. On March the 8th there was a solar eclipse and what that means is the moon “blocked” the sun. This particular eclipse was visible across an area of the Pacific Ocean. The eclipse started in Indonesia and if  you get a chance to check it out on-line do so because it’s pretty cool! Sorry to ramble, let me get back to my point…right now I feel like I’m working REALLY hard and yet my life is remaining stagnant. I feel like I’m putting in MAXIMUM effort and not getting any results. It’s frustrating to say the least and sometimes it feels like the world we live in is just a treadmill that we can never really get off of…it’s exhausting and I’m not sure if it’s the pace of things today or because we are constantly “plugged in” but I’m definitely feeling it. There’s all this talk that solar eclipses bring new beginnings but where the heck is it? Did I miss the day? Was I somewhere else when all of this was happening? Because as of right now my life is exactly the same. That’s how I feel  and it’s hard when you think that you’re taking all of the right steps to improve or change certain things and nothing comes to be. Have you ever felt as though your hard work was going unnoticed? Or that you’ve wanted something for SO long and have taken steps to get it but NOTHING is happening?! We’ve all been there at one point or another in our lives, it’s part of being human and living on planet earth.

There is good news though-you can change your way of thinking and make the most of this seemingly boring time. This feeling has taught me that maybe I’m supposed to be exactly where I am in life at this exact moment and that it’s not up to me to know “why”. It’s teaching me to stop trying to control everything and to not force circumstances beyond my control into a neat little box.It’s teaching me that things will happen when they are supposed to and it’s not up to me to know or control the “when”.  My life being “stagnant” right now means that maybe it’s the tiniest bit successful in terms of being able to juggle so many things at once and that it’s the pauses in between where things begin to unfold. As humans we don’t really like the middle of things unless it’s Oreos. We like a beginning of a project and the end of a project but we rarely enjoy the middle where the work is actually being done and where we have to roll up our sleeves and get dirty. I suppose what I’m trying to say is, if life seems stagnant right now, take the opportunity to enjoy it. You’ve put in the hard work and the long hours and what you’ve been working towards will soon be rewarded. You will reap what you sow. That’s the crazy thing about time…it is never stagnant and before you know it, you might be wishing you were right back in the middle. milky-way-1023340_1920


I had the awesome opportunity of attending a writing workshop this weekend hosted by Brian Henry of the Quick Brown Fox, (his blog is awesome, follow it for great info and tips) that was held at a local library. The workshop was called, Writing for Children and for Young Adults workshop. I learned SO much and it was such a great experience to be in a room full of people with the same goals, hopes and aspirations. Brian was funny, a great speaker and above all such a great teacher. I took so many things away from his workshop that will help me polish my craft and become a better writer. I brought along three copies of my work, a notepad and a pen and got down to business. Brian spent the morning talking about imperative topics that included definitions of  various genres/age groups.  We did a short writing exercise, paired up and critiqued eachother’s work and had the opportunity to ask questions. There was a student from Brian’s workshop who had been published with Scholastic(!!!) and there was a literary agent from a well known and respected agency, both of whom answered our most burning questions graciously. They answered everything we wanted to know; from, “How did you get published?”,”Do you need an agent?”, “How long did it take to finish your novel from inception to publication?” and so on. It was a great afternoon!

The biggest thing I took away from the workshop was to be FRESH and ORIGINAL! Be bold, take risks, put yourself out there and most of all write what YOU want to write about and what is important to YOU. I highly recommend attending a writing workshop if you want to be a writer, it was extremely helpful and fun. Visit Brian’s blog and start writing!

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