Dream on…

How many of you have a dream dictionary? I have a really awesome one that I keep on my bedside table for easy access in the morning. It’s pretty cool because most of the time I remember what I dream about. Did you know that if you wake up in the same position that you fell asleep in you are most likely to remember your dream? Pretty cool right? Another cool thing is that the brain is unable to generate faces, that means that any stranger you see in your dreams is someone you’ve seen in real life. It could’ve been someone at a gas station for a split second or someone you passed in a hallway. The dream I had last night was about freshly fallen snow. There was a black wolf with a dove in it’s mouth and the dove was still alive…it was like the wolf was gently holding it and not trying to hurt it. I was walking down a snow covered path when I came upon the wolf with the dove. The wolf looked at me and I froze but I wasn’t afraid…I had a strange sense of peace. Then the wolf simply left. So here is how to use your dream dictionary if you have one, if not, seriously consider purchasing one it’s really fun and fascinating. After all, dreams are the links to our subconscious minds! So, using my dream above I looked up the following words, (keep in mind that not all of the images you dreamt about will be in the book and if that’s the case move on to the next word or find something similar).

  • Snow-within 7 days you will be invited to an event that you must not miss
  • Wolf-do not depend heavily on the current way you are doing things
  • Dove-you will enjoy victory in all phases of your life, especially love
  • Peace-you will enter a new dimension in life that will bring you passion for all things
  • Path-be careful not to break an expensive, irreplaceable item

So you’re probably sitting there wondering what this all means…sometimes it’s very clear and sometimes it isn’t. The meaning I get from the overall picture is that I need to say yes, change my way of doing things in order to be successful in every phase of life, be passionate and careful…and I probably won’t be wearing my wedding rings to work for the next few days either…JUST. IN. CASE.

The point is have fun with it, relax and enjoy the power of your dreams…who knows where they could be guiding you?


This is the dream dictionary that I use, it’s awesome and I love it.