Seabass’ Diary…Day 107…Not Quite…

the kittycatclan. com

August 22, 2016-The stupid humans once again were alerted to a police presence at the prison and returned from wherever they had gone that evening.The police seemed to be at the prison a lot lately but I thoroughly enjoyed the publicity. The officer handed me over to the small, stupid one and explained exactly what had happened. He said that the media was asking for me.The small, stupid one agreed to let my fans have a glimpse of my magnificence but only for a few fleeting moments.

She opened the front door of the prison and held me tight. The crowd cheered and applauded for me. The sound was deafening but I loved it. So this was what being a celebrity was like! News reporters stood in front of me with microphones; the lights from camera crews were partially blinding but it was all a wonderful spectacle and it was all…

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