Seabass’ Diary…Day 101…This Is NOT What I Ordered…

the kittycatclan. com

August 12, 2016-I peered into the box and lifted out an enormous…wig. I stepped back for a second and collected myself. Perhaps the stun gun was on the bottom of the box and the wigs were just put on top to protect it? Hmm…this seemed unlikely. I dove into the box and wiggled my way through the weaves. There were brown, black and blonde wigs in various lengths but no stun gun, zip ties or anything else that I had ordered. This was most certainly a curious situation and I needed a back up plan immediately.

Nightfall would be here before I knew it and so would the tall, thin human to exact her revenge on me. I paced the floor and tried to remain calm. There was a knock at the front door and I froze. Wait a second…I couldn’t believe it! I was so absorbed with my  plan…

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