Seabass’ Diary…Day 57…Holiday!…Celebrate!

the kittycatclan. com

June 7, 2017- I charged our potential captor and used his chest as a springboard; I flew through the air and caught a glimpse of Bandit as he raced between his legs and down the stairs. We made it! We scurried into the secret corridor and said a quick goodbye, “I’ll miss you!” “Until we meet again!” and with those words Bandit vanished into the night.

Little did I know that the large, stupid human had followed right behind me and witnessed the entire escape; now he knew about the secret corridor and my dreams of keeping the entire operation were no longer under wraps. I curled into a magnificent ball of majesty and hissed at him; there was no way that I was ever going to go anywhere with him for as long as he lived…which by my calculations would not be long if I got my way. The…

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