Seabass’ Diary…Day 42…Chaos…

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May 16, 2016-The truck continued to move and before I knew it we were pulling out onto the street! I raced to the front and looked through the windshield-Bandit needed help from all of us to drive.

“ALVIIIIN!” I yelled and the little chipmunk came running, “I need you to sit on the dashboard and give Frank and I instructions to slow down or speed up…can you read?”

“Why yes sir, I was at the top of my class at Cambri…”

“Shut up!” I interrupted “We need to stay at 50 km/h…anything over 50 tell us to slow down and anything under 50 tell us to speed up-do you understand?” He shook his head yes and Frank the opossum joined me on the pedals. I took the right and he took the left. Simba and Stinky were the navigators and Bandit steered the truck. We were all at the front…

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Cray of The Day…It’s Census Time…

On Friday I went to the community mailbox for the first time in about a week. Ever since they stopped home delivery I never think about the mail; I gathered up the flyers, bills and junk mail when something caught my eye…The 2016 Census.

UGHHHHHHHH! Of course I drew the short straw and got the long form version…this is where my rant begins, but oh no, it’s not even close to being over! The Census from Stats Canada was absolutely ridiculous. It took me 25 MINUTES to complete and most of the questions were ludicrous. The site kept freezing and was an overall nightmare to complete. I mean, how many times do they need to ask what my native language is…FOUR TIMES, that’s how many to be exact and each time it was phrased slightly differently.

Another thing that totally annoyed me was some of the other questions on the census; how much money do you spend per year on hydro…Ummm…it varies…same with water etc. I know that giving a rough estimate is what they were looking for but still it was a complete waste of time! The questions were repetitive and for the most part irrelevant.

There was one thing that I found quite funny though, on the census it says…”Complete the census…it’s the law.” What? No please or thank you? And it was also kind of funny when  the Chief Statistician tweeted that he completed his census and asked, “Have you?” Yep…pretty sure I’d be thrown in jail otherwise…just a quick reminder that it’s the law! And I would hope that the Chief Statistician would complete the census! It’s his job right?

What I want to know is how this MANDATORY census helps Canadians…I realize that it gives the Government info that it so desperately needs about us like how much we spend on utilities per year…actually laughing out loud at this… but then what happens? How does it benefit the people? If anyone can answer my question please comment in the box below! I look forward to your thoughts and comments.


Acupuncture!  The amazing health benefits.


I know the thought of getting pricked with needles to some of you , may make you squirm, but did you know how many health benefits Acupuncture has? I have been getting acupuncture for quite some time now, and it’s just amazing. Yes , the first time you go to your appointment, you do seem to be a bit shaken by the thought of a bunch of needles sticking out of your skin. The good thing is , when you walk out, you feel amazing.

Acupuncture originates from China, and is thousands of years old. The insertion of needles through your skin, hits specific energy points that has great depths throughout. This moves energy through your system, and is known to have many health benefits including pain relief , especially back pain, and helps to alleviate nausea. They place the needles on meridians where the energy runs, and that produces the…

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Woman Sues Starbucks For Putting Too Much Ice In Her Drinks, Because America — Dating, Fitness, Celeb Gossip & Everything College | CC

Via Shutterstock Today in absurd news, an Illinois woman is reportedly suing Starbucks over the amount of ice they put in their customer’s drinks. She’s asking for a cool $5 mil to be exact. Pun intended. Pincus filed the suit in federal court on Wednesday and is accusing the popular coffee chain of stiffing their customers by putting…

via Woman Sues Starbucks For Putting Too Much Ice In Her Drinks, Because America — Dating, Fitness, Celeb Gossip & Everything College | CC

Cray of The Day…Misbehaving…

Picture this, (you can probably do this very well if you are a mail carrier) you are waiting in your car outside of your friend’s house. You are gathering all of the zen you can muster before heading in the front door because you KNOW when it happens you’ll want to lose your mind. You have a decoy set up-a handful of dog biscuits, which is funny since you don’t even own a dog…you bought a box specifically for occasions like this, and you have brought the largest purse  you own to use as a barrier between your white pants and the beast.

You enter the house and you can hear the thunderous footsteps approaching-sweat beads on your brow and you reach into your pocket. The golden retriever barrels down the hall and you throw the bribe in the opposite direction-away from yourself! You hunch into position and place the barrier between yourself and your white denim and pray to God that the mutt gets distracted. Your plan has failed and the golden retriever’s paws have found their way onto your once pristine pants.

Don’t get me wrong-I like dogs as much as the next person. What I’m saying is that I don’t particularly like badly behaved pooches and let’s face it, there are A LOT of them out there! It’s funny because most people wouldn’t let their child greet someone in such a way and the same should be said for their furry friends. I’m not just picking on dogs either, cats shouldn’t be allowed to hiss at or knead your guests!  Please control your animals when someone comes to visit-don’t let them jump all over your guests or you may find yourself answering the doorbell more infrequently. Manners apply to animals too and although THEY might not know better, their owners do.