Cray of The Day…The Drive Through

Drive throughs, sigh, we all use them at one point or another in our lives. We use them for food, we use them for banking and those are really the only two incidences I can think of to be honest…I just thought of another-drive through PHARMACIES!

Doesn’t it drive you insane when you are in line to pick up your Starbuck’s order or Tim Horton’s order (if you’re Canadian which I proudly am,  but can’t stand their coffee) and you get your order, drive away, take a sip and bam…it’s the wrong bloody thing.

Grrrrr…this drives me nuts. Getting the wrong order has never really worked out for me; I’ve never received an extra drink or extra food, or anything extra for that matter but sometimes people who get the wrong order hit the jackpot especially if the order has already been paid for at the first window! An extra container of fries or a sundae given by accident would be an occasion where most people would happily take the mistake in stride. Not me though…Whip cream added to my non-fat latte spells DISASTER! You might as well punch me in the gut because that’s what I would feel like in about four seconds after consumption.

Imagine getting the wrong order of drugs from the drive through pharmacy? The effects could be deadly! I’m not saying that I don’t like drive throughs, they are convenient and most of the time they’re quick. But as for being accurate? Most of the time yes, but a lot of the time no.

Let me know your comments below, be sure to tell me about your experience with getting the wrong order or hitting the jackpot!


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