Cray of the day…A WEIGHTY Topic…

I’m not totally sure if this is only directed towards women, so men, you’ll have to let me know if this happens to you too!

Something that drives me absolutely INSANE (I know…if you’ve been following WASGC you’ll know that everything pretty much drives me insane) is when people COMMENT to ME on my WEIGHT.

This happened to me yesterday, with a particularly creepy client to begin with, but still it was totally unnecessary. He leaned over the counter and said, “Did you lose weight?” 

Those are FOUR of the MOST HATED WORDS heard by females right behind DID YOU GAIN WEIGHT? Umm…excuse me but are you kidding me right now?

I politely looked at him and said, “No.” Why do I even have to indulge this person with a response? Does he think he’s complimenting me or making me feel good by asking this? BECAUSE HE’S NOT! It makes me uncomfortable and feel like I’m being scrutinized for how I look. This is none of anyone’s business but I’m going to say it anyway to defend myself I suppose, I’m not really sure what this will accomplish but, I HAVE WEIGHED THE SAME FOR THE PAST FOUR YEARS. There. I said it. So maybe I just looked particularly thin today? Was it my clothes? Do I usually look like a hippo?

How about this: I don’t have to think about or answer any of those questions actually. I should  NEVER  have to answer the question “Have you lost/gained weight.” This is absolutely crazy to me that people go around making comments like this! What if you said that to someone and they had an eating disorder? I once read a story about a woman who was bulimic, she was just starting to suffer the repercussions of the disease when she was out one day at the beach. A man came up to her and said, “Don’t gain an ounce, you’re absolutely perfect.” Umm..WHAT THE F#*K? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? And at that moment she decided to keep throwing up and binge eating for ANOTHER 4 YEARS! Because after all she looked perfect right?

What the hell gives people the right to comment on ANYTHING about how someone looks? Here’s some advice, SHUT THE HELL UP AND MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS! Your comments are usually not welcome and are not considered compliments. What if someone ran up to a bald man and said,”Hey…Did you lose more hair?”

See what I’m saying? Keep your thoughts to yourself it’s safer that way. Unless of course you are another woman and would like to compliment my killer pair of heels fine…but if your’re a man, it’s creepy.


People who comment on other people’s appearance need a high five…in the face…with a chair.



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