Cray of The Day…The Dreaded Shopping Cart

Hello Friends,

I really feel like this always happens to me…and I can almost guarantee that it’s happened to you to at least once. I walk  to the grocery store, find the list in my purse of what I need to buy and I grab a cart from the corral. It’s not just any cart though…it’s the cart from hell. I swear this is some sort of twisted gift that I have-the ability to pick out the crappiest cart in the entire store.

You’ve been there before, you walk the cart in from outdoors and everything seems fine-the wheels are turning the way they are supposed to, there are no strange sounds coming from the undercarriage and everything is perfect. Then it happens, as soon as you hit the first stretch of linoleum it all goes to hell in a handbag.

The cart starts shaking and you feel as though it’s a bomb that’s about to detonate, it rumbles and squeaks and people stop to stare at you. One wheel sticks because there is a squashed grape lodged in it that’s gone rogue. You use all of your strength to maneuver   the metal beast down the next aisle. People continue to stare and you suddenly wish there was a trap door that you could sink into away from the embarrassment of prying eyes.Sweat beads on your forehead, your eyes dart around to locate the nearest exit, you abandon your groceries and speed out of the parking lot in shame. Okay, maybe I’m being a bit dramatic but nonetheless, it’s still really annoying!

I’d like to know if regular maintenance is done on carts and if so, how often? Also what happens when you abandon the cart you originally picked for a new one and that one is EVEN WORSE? Maybe this is just the discussion we need to get the ball rolling and to have someone develop a new means of grocery gathering…perhaps something without wheels? If someone DOES develop a cart with no wheels, remember, you heard it here first!



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