Cray of The Day…

Last night I went to see the movie, “The Jungle Book” with my sister and a friend. What a fantastic movie; the special effects were unreal, the acting was fantastic and overall it was just AWESOME! I highly recommend it!

The thing that drives me absolutely CRAZY is when you’re watching a movie that you’ve paid $174.00 to see (I’m being facetious of course…kind of…popcorn costs at least half that) and people TALK through it! OMG. Have you no decency? I DON’T understand why people would bother going to the movies if they’re going to talk the entire time! Wait until it comes out on BluRay and then talk about whatever you want in the PRIVACY of your OWN living room! Talk about being rude!

These particular people were about four rows behind us and we could STILL hear them! I was grateful when another patron turned around and told them to SHUT UP! But why does it take ANOTHER PERSON to tell them to shut it?  Obviously those people have NO RESPECT for others around them and it was clear they didn’t really care about seeing such a great movie. I don’t care how bad any movie is actually, there is NO reason to TALK through it. People work hard all week, they plan a fun night out and end up leaving frustrated and annoyed, sometimes it even ruins their night. It’s sad that people can’t keep their mouths shut for an hour and a half because they think what they have to say is more important than other people’s enjoyment and more important than what’s happening on the big screen.


No one bought a ticket to hear you talk! 



6 thoughts on “Cray of The Day…

  1. I know! Right!! Yesterday I saw the production of STOMP! I was fantastic!! These people behind us were hooting and hollering during the whole performance. I turned around and gave them a dirty look.! Really!!! Stay home if u want to act like you’ve been raised in the wild!!! By the way, I want to see the Jungle Book!! The previews look awesome. The special effects look just intense, like the animals are really talking!! Thank u for this post, I was going to suggest this very thing to you! Great minds think alike!! Enjoy your day before some jerk screws it up!


    • Wow! That must’ve been incredible- haven’t seen it but heard it was amazing! Isn’t it sad when people ruin things because they are so disrespectful? I’m all for enjoying myself but not at the expense of others. The movie was awesome the effects were so lifelike! Highly recommend it to everyone! Lol! Thank you for reading it- great minds do think alike❤️you too! Enjoy your day👍👍


  2. Agree with you, I always get the person right in front of me that is on their cell phone texting, Its very distracting. No kidding you, it happens every single time I go! This is the reason I very rarely go to the theatre and just buy the Blue Ray to enjoy the experience at home.

    On another note, what an amazing theatre you have, it looks awesome!

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    • Ugh so annoying right?! That’s terrible, I think there should be some kind of consequence for disturbing the show! Yep! Before yesterday the last time I saw a movie in the theatre was almost 2 years ago- for that reason! Not the theatre I was in last night it’s a stock photo😞 theatres would be way cooler if they looked like that! Thanks for your comment! Love your sure by the way👍👍

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