Cray of The Day…

My husband and I went to see the NY Yankees play the Toronto Blue Jays in Toronto last summer. For the record even though we’re Canadian, we happen to be Yankees fans. What drives me absolutely crazy is the price of a specific thing at sporting events…that specific thing is BEER. WOW! Beer was $11 per CAN! Mind you it was a tall can but still that is absolutely outrageous!  ELEVEN DOLLARS?!

So you have the cost of the tickets, coupled with some snacks, a couple of beers and maybe a souvenir and all of the sudden you’ve dropped a couple of hundred bucks. Crazy! And who goes to a baseball game or any sporting event for that matter and buys nothing? I understand that the people serving the beer need to get paid, I understand that there’s rent at the stadium, there is hydro, there are concession workers that need to be paid…I get all of that-but come on it shouldn’t cost $200 to go to a baseball game for a day out or a date night.

I’m not cheap by any means but it drives me crazy how much mark up there is on absolutely everything from food to merchandise. I think a lot more people and families would attend sporting events more frequently if things weren’t so expensive. I understand that it’s an experience and that it’s a really fun thing to do but it drives me bananas to pay $11 for a beer. I know, I know, you’re thinking then just don’t have a beer…here’s my rationalization; I would rather pay $11 for a beer than $4.00 for a water or a diet Coke…and in that statement I just proved that their marketing tactics work.



6 thoughts on “Cray of The Day…

  1. So true!! The markup is insane!! Even at concerts or family events!! I feel its just pure greed!!! If things were less expensive, yes, more families could enjoy events without taking out a personal loan!! By the way, I’m a Yankees fan too!!!! I’m a New Yorker, I live in upstate NY.

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