Cray of The Day…A Reader’s Remark…

Today’s Cray of The Day was emailed to me by a faithful reader who also has a couple of things that drive them crazy! Thank you so much for your contribution and I look forward to more of your pet peeves:)

This reader says, “It drives me crazy when people invite me out and then cancel at the last minute. It hurts my feelings too.”

I agree! It’s not a very nice thing to do to someone at all and it’s totally rude and inconsiderate. I understand that things do come up, like a sick child or a babysitter cancels or whatever the case may be, but I’m talking about the people that cancel plans with you at the last minute and LIE about it! Many a friendship has seen the end of it’s days because of this, and it’s completely unnecessary. The other problem I have with this is when it becomes habitual. Let’s break this down; your friend has invited you out for dinner. You get ready, put on a nice outfit, gather the things that you need and grab your keys to head out the door. Then it happens; your phone rings or WORSE you get a TEXT that sounds something like this, “Hey, really sorry I won’t be able to make it tonight, something came up.” WOW! Talk about being inconsiderate. When this happens to me I don’t even ask for a reason why, I expect the person who cancelled to tell me why they’re cancelling, it’s just common courtesy to do so. Then I decide if I go out alone or just order a pizza.

I will say that if I do find out that they’re lying, I decide right then and there to decline any invitation that they give me in the coming future, especially if this behaviour is habitual. Why would I make plans with someone who always cancels? Or says that they’re going to come to something and then at the last minute changes their mind because they don’t feel like it? Or they can’t come because a better offer came up? .Sorry but I don’t play those games and neither should you! Value the people who do what they say they’re going to do…if you don’t have your word what do you have?


Don’t be a dick and cancel on your friend at the last minute…


2 thoughts on “Cray of The Day…A Reader’s Remark…

  1. Unfortunately, this happens to me a lot!! It really pisses me off, especially when I’m invited to have coffee in the morning and I get up extra early!!! So, I decline now and say I have other plans! ( to sleep).

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    • Exactly! It’s terrible isn’t it? It used to happen to me all the time but now every time that person calls me I say I’m too busy. Good for you! It’s because we wouldn’t do that to someone and we expect the same courtesy from others. Too bad it doesn’t happen that way. Great commentđź‘Ť


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