Cray of The Day…

Picture this…You’ve been invited invited to a baby shower or wedding and you’ve spent time either picking out a gift or you’ve written a cheque to the recipient. Most of the time you’ve  put a lot of thought into said gift and you’ve make sure it’s wrapped nicely and probably picked out a beautiful card to accompany it.

You go to the event (shower or wedding or whatever it is) and they have you fill out your name and address on a blank envelope so that they can “send” you a proper thank you note. Well guess what? The thank you note NEVER COMES…that drives me INSANE.

Does proper etiquette not suggest that when someone gives you a gift that a small thank you card is in order? Again, I guess the thing that pisses me off most is that people PRETEND that they’ll send you a card and even go as far as having you fill out the envelope that I mentioned before…all for no reason! Oh and I love the line, “Must’ve been lost in the mail! Sorry!” The fact is that yes, sometimes the mail does get misplaced and the post office never delivers it…but 9 times out of 10 the person never sent the damn thing in the first place.

I guess the main problem I have is with people’s sense of entitlement, the fact that they think saying thank you at the event is enough…well sorry but it’s not, be a little more grateful. The other problem I have is when people take FOREVER to send the thank you card but at least it’s better late than never in that situation I suppose.

Here’s the thing-if someone gives you something or does something nice for you, take FIVE seconds out of your day to write them a quick thank you note and pop it in the mail. Then the next time you invite them to something I guarantee that they’ll be there with bells on.

kaboompics.com_Thank you card with copy space (1).jpg

Would it kill people to write a thank you note?



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