Cray of The Day…

Today’s Cray of The Day was mentioned to me by a faithful reader, so thank you for that! I love it when you guys send me your comments about things that really drive you nuts because I almost always agree:)

You’re at an intersection at a red light and you’re minding your own business, you look around indiscriminately at nothing in particular and then you see it…the person beside you is digging for gold.

Yep! PICKING THEIR NOSE IN PUBLIC! How gross it that? It drives me crazy that people think they’re invisible when they’re in their car.WE CAN SEE YOU, STOP BEING SO DISGUSTING!

Some people are so into it that they don’t even realize that you’re watching them in horror. You wonder to yourself if they dig any further up their nose that they’ll surely poke themselves in their frontal lobe or maybe their head will cave in…and these aren’t even the WORST offenders.

So if the people picking their noses in broad  daylight aren’t even the worst, who takes the cake for most disgusting? The pickers AND eaters that’s who! I’ve seen grown men in their work trucks pick their noses look at it and down the hatch it goes. WHY IN THE HELL DO PEOPLE DO THIS? I’m not being discriminatory by saying it’s just men in trucks, I’ve seen women do it too but less often-doesn’t matter, the bottom line is DON’T PICK YOUR NOSE ANYWHERE BUT ESPECIALLY NOT IN PUBLIC!

Do people realize that their nose hairs filter all kinds of allergens, waste and molecules and are actually a line of defense in terms of protecting people from various infections? SO WHY WOULD YOU EAT THE WASTE/BY PRODUCT OF WHAT YOUR BODY IS TRYING TO PROTECT YOU FROM?

That’s my rant for the day…don’t be a picker and for the love of all things holy, don’t be an eater.


Clearly guilty of being a picker and eater! YUCK! 


3 thoughts on “Cray of The Day…

  1. I’m not condoning it, but I’ve read that booger eating as children actually helps improve their immune system. Don’t know if this is true or not, just throwing it out there…. Anyway, there is someone more disgusting than people who eat their nose pickings. Are you ready for this?… People who pick their nose, on subway trains or buses, then wipe it on the poles or hand rails for some poor unsuspecting rider (me) to grab and discover!!!! I have even seen people pick and wipe it on the rails. So I say if you insist on pick it in public then PLEASE, eat the by-product! At least then it wouldn’t come in contact with MY body!!!!

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