Cray of The Day…

OMG…this drives me absolutely BONKERS! Let’s say that you’re out an event somewhere; a concert, ballgame, the theatre or a restaurant and you’re really enjoying yourself..then this happens…it drives me bananas when people act like they’re in their own living room at an event.

I’ve been to a musical theatre piece before and have definitely been caught tapping my toes to a catchy tune. However, I am not the idiot at the very front who’s had too many drinks at intermission and starts dancing in the aisle way or even at the front of the stage! I wouldn’t say that I’m reserved or a buzz kill by any means, what I would say is that I have respect for others around me and behind me that are trying to enjoy the show! And guess what? If people wanted to see YOU get up and dance then they would have purchase a ticket to YOUR show…but they didn’t so sit your ass down like the rest of us and let the performers take care of the talent!

This also happens at sporting events when the gorilla next to you, who always happens to be cheering for the opposing team by the way, stands up and starts waving his hands in the air and screaming at the referee all while spilling his beer on you. I’ve had this happen to me on occasion and have witnessed many fights happen in the stands¬†because of this. YOU ARE NOT IN YOUR OWN HOME! YOU ARE NOT IN YOUR LIVING ROOM YELLING AT YOUR FLAT SCREEN!

Or how about one of my absolute favourite kind of people? My husband and I went to an outdoor concert to see Aerosmith, (it was a great concert by the way and Steven Tyler sounds exactly like he does on the radio!) we were standing on the lawn of the venue and had been standing there for hours actually to save our spots…before we knew it these two ladies (and I use that term loosely) were pushing their way to the front and they stopped directly in front of us. I could no longer see the stage and then they started dancing and putting their hands up everywhere to FILM the entire thing on their cell phones! WOW! That was the last straw and I NICELY told them what I thought of them and how rude they were and guess what…they moved! But they were incredulous as to why I was so annoyed! Some people you just can’t reach.

Bottom line? Don’t be an idiot and be aware of the people around you who are also trying to just enjoy the show.



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