Cray of The Day…

Today’s cray of the day is a doozy! This specific thing that drives me crazy is sure to attract a lot of people who agree with me on this one…Here it is…


This happens constantly and nothing makes me more homicidal than when someone STOPS dead in front of me (no pun intended)…it’s usually to check their cell phone or to take a picture or to check their purse/pockets or to just stop and smell the figurative roses I suppose.  This has happened to me in all parts of the world making it a global problem. From the streets of NYC to the cereal aisle in the grocery store, it is an epidemic! Why do people do this? That is the age old question which makes me ask IS this an age old question?..Or are people just so wrapped up in themselves and their own lives now that they don’t even see that other people exist around them?  Was this always a problem or is it a problem today because society is constantly plugged in and distracted? Is it because most people have no manners and no consideration for others?

I don’t know what the answer is…but what I do know is that it’s extremely rude and annoying when people do this. So please for the love of all things holy, be AWARE of where you suddenly stop and make sure it’s not in the middle of the aisle, sidewalk, mall, store etc. Be considerate to your fellow humans and MOVE OFF TO THE SIDE to do whatever the hell it is SO URGENT at that very second, and let people get to where they’re going without incident! Thank you.


Oh don’t mind me, I’m just stopping in the middle of the 





2 thoughts on “Cray of The Day…

  1. I totally agree with u Lacey!! If you literally run into them because they stop right in front of u, they look at u like, watch where ur going!! I’m like, REALLY, u IDIOT!!!! Yes, move out of the way people!!! Stop acting like u own the world!!!! Get some manners!!!!!

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