Cray of The Day…

I commute to work four days a week and I’m sure a lot of you do too. To get to my place of employment I drive on two major highways depending on which route I take…which leads me to today’s rant.

It makes me absolutely LIVID when you’re trying to merge onto the highway and the car in the slow lane won’t move over…and it’s NOT because they can’t it’s because they CHOOSE not to. It’s absolutely ridiculous and absolutely dangerous. This happened to me on Wednesday, I have the late shift and I was coming home in the dark. The stretch of highway was pretty empty which was nice except for a couple of cars. When I went to merge into traffic do you think the car beside me moved over? NO. OF COURSE NOT. Even thought there was NO ONE BESIDE THEM! I don’t understand this I really don’t…Is this not some sort of law in the highway traffic act or is it just a courtesy? Either way I think that it’s so important to follow because someone could get into a serious accident or worse.

This has happened to my husband and I before…we were out one night and merging onto the highway and a person in the car beside us ran us to the end of the lane. It was scary to be quite honest and the worst part was is that they had room beside them to move over. I completely understand why people get road rage to some degree. And the worst part is, when you pull up beside the driver who didn’t let you in and try and give them the finger…they won’t even look at you because they’re so distracted OR have absolute tunnel vision. Stay safe people and move the F#@$ over!!!


Don’t be an ass…move over


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