Animal Spirit Guide…Crow

Today during my run I saw a crow on the way home. It didn’t move when I ran closer and I would say that I got within a foot of it. It was not injured as far as I could tell; it looked right at me and cawed three times! Later, I looked up the CROW in my Animal Spirit Guide book and here’s what it said…

If a crow shows up it means that something you’ve been working toward for a while will manifest itself. Watch carefully over the coming days  for any omens or signs, they are there to teach you. Expect a BIG change VERY soon. You’ve noticed an injustice or someone being treated unfairly and you need to speak up! You’re about to get a glimpse into a future event that will directly affect you.

This is EXCITING! I am really looking forward to finding out what’s in store for me in the near future.


Pay attention to the omens…


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