Cray of The Day…

Obviously on, there are a lot of things that drive us nuts! So we’ve decided to come up with a page called, “Cray of The Day…” where we will describe what totally makes us crazy.

The Easter long weekend…More specifically the Saturday that falls between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. We’ve all been there, just when I thought I had everything I needed on my grocery list I realized I was missing a pertinent ingredient.

If you’ve ever been to the store on Easter Saturday as I like to call it, you know why this day drives me insane. The stores are SO packed it’s like they will never be opening again! It is literally like the world is ending…people fill their carts with as much food as it will hold, THEY BUY EVERYTHING and people are miserable! They scowl and bump into you with their carts or cut you off in an aisle. Then they wait in a monstrous line-up with their flyers that they’re using to price match and when they finally go to pay…their card doesn’t work. Well, let me tell you that I’m usually the person in line behind that person. I suppose it’s my fault for forgetting that one important ingredient but still! COME ON PEOPLE! The stores will RE-OPEN on MONDAY! I’m not talking to the people who are there to buy one or two things, I’m talking to the people who are there in a panic rush, who are rude and inconsiderate. The ones who have no regard for others space and the ones who are so disorganized that checking out takes forever. I know what you’re going to say…If I only needed one thing then why not stand in the express lane? I do, but sometimes the lines are LONGER than the regular ones.

I totally get that some people can only go on Easter Saturday to do their shopping but really they could’ve gone the week before…or even to a 24 hour grocery store when their shift ended. All I’m saying is that, maybe people would be a little less stressed and nicer if they were better at planning.What’s the point of going through life suffering through one hectic event after another? I can count on ONE hand how many times I’ve been to the grocery store on Easter Saturday and I’ll be honest…twice in my life is the total tally. I vowed that I would never be part of that insanity again. So far…so good. I really want to know your thoughts on this one! Comments are open.


The insanity that is Easter Saturday…




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