Diet Update…liquid meal replacements

Ok…what a tough week. This diet was HARD! It wasn’t hard to plan and it wasn’t hard to  prepare but it was hard to stick to. I was SO.HUNGRY. Here was the plan that I followed:

Breakfast and lunch will be replaced by a shake (meal replacement liquid) that contains 260 calories per serving.

There will be 2 x 100 calorie snacks between meals.

Dinner will be whatever you want as long as it totals 500 calories.

Total daily calories for this plan=1220.

Yes the plan was just over 1200 calories but it left me with absolutely NO ENERGY. My mood swings were wicked and I found that I was binge eating at night after I came home from work. Even after a 500 calorie dinner I was starving. This diet didn’t keep up with my training requirements either…it left me exhausted and totally unmotivated to train. I barely did any exercise on this plan because I felt so weak and tired. I felt this way for 2 reasons…

  1. I didn’t eat enough calories for my activity level.
  2. The shakes were high in sugar and simple carbs, (even though they said they were high in protein on the bottle)which caused my energy levels to crash and burn.

So in conclusion, this diet made me feel miserable, shaky, angry, tired, achy, headachy and weak. Not a good way to live that’s for sure. Shakes work for some people but the just make me shaky…:) Did I lose weight-YES but I put it all back on when I started eating normally today so what was the point other than to figure out if this diet works…the answer for me anyway is a resounding NO.

We’ll be trying out and posting a new diet tomorrow…stay tuned!


This incredibly popular shake diet left me starving! It looks yummy but it wasn’t filling at all .



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