Home Stretch…

As many of you know I’ve been training for the past few months for a 30 km race. Today marks less than 2 weeks before start time! I’m going to be totally honest, it’s been a struggle. I’ve battled bronchitis, the weather, hills, stairs, fatigue, injury and the voice in my head that says I can’t do this. So far I’ve learned so much about myself-I know what my triggers are for veering off track whether it be my training plan or my diet plan and I’m slowly figuring out how to control them and be better than I was yesterday.

I’m really excited about this upcoming race. It’s going to be challenging; my body will fatigue, my muscles will want to cramp and tighten and my brain will tell me it’s ok to stop…but I won’t because the whole point of this race for me is to find out what I’m made of. I guarantee that who I start this race as, will not be the same person that crosses the finish line. There will be a transformation. The negative thoughts will be replaced with knowing that I did this, knowing that I finished and knowing that I’m capable of challenging myself and coming out alive.

I hope this happens for all of the people that race. I hope that the people who hate their bodies will start to love them and be proud of what their bodies are capable of, that people who thought that they could never run this will find out just how strong they are and that they will start trusting in themselves in all areas of their lives. I hope that this race is a transformation of self for those who need it, I hope that they realize that this is just the beginning of great things for them. I hope that those who are fighting their minds every step of the way find the inner strength they need to just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

I hope that every single person who runs realizes that we are constantly at battle with ourselves; there’s one part of us that’s a liar and says that we can’t do this, that we don’t have what it takes, we aren’t ready, we should give up or give in or just walk for a while. There’s another part of us that says, we can do this, we have the strength, endurance and support to finish, we are well prepared and we will cross the finish line knowing that we’ve just done something awesome.

So which voice in your head wins? THE ONE YOU FEED.

Stay positive, keep going and be proud of what you’re on the brink of accomplishing.

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