Diet of the week…Liquid Meal Replacements

Hello All,

So we’re a few days behind on our diet of the week because life got in the way! But it’s totally fine because we are back on track. This week’s diet is an interesting one. It’s based on a very popular diet plan where the dieter (that’s us) has two liquid meal replacements, usually at breakfast and lunch, a regular dinner of around 500 calories and 2 x 100 calorie snacks per day. This plan is around the 1200 calorie mark or just above. Here’s the skinny.

Breakfast and lunch will be replaced by a shake (meal replacement liquid) that contains 260 calories per serving.

There will be 2 x 100 calorie snacks between meals.

Dinner will be whatever you want as long as it totals 500 calories.

Total daily calories for this plan=1220.

Wish us luck with this one because it’s going to be a tough week…but we’ll let the scale do the talking!

kaboompics.com_Girl holding yoghurt



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