Ideas for Date Night…

I think that couples can sometimes get into a routine with things. We tend to go to the same restaurants, or do the same activities or even just spend a lot of weekends in front of the t.v. in silence. This happened to us and my husband and I decided to shake things up a bit. We got a few popsicle sticks, a marker and a jar and went to work; we wrote down a bunch of fun activities that we could do on each stick and put them in the jar. Now each week we pick out a stick and do what it says! It stops boredom, allows you to try new things and most of all it allows you and your significant other to do something fun together. Let your imagination be your guide! Here were some of our ideas:

  • cruise around town
  • dinner theatre
  • jazz club
  • karaoke
  • line dancing
  • local festival
  • art crawl
  • pub crawl
  • comedy club
  • concert
  • theatre
  • camping
  • stargazing
  • walking on the beach
  • museum
  • planetarium
  • picnic
  • wine tasting
  • farmers market
  • breakfast
  • mini golf
  • take a free class
  • poetry reading
  • race track
  • pool hall
  • casino
  • cook together

The list is endless! Have fun with this and most of all enjoy the memories you create! IMG_7292IMG_7293IMG_7294


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