400 Calorie Diet…diet of the week

Hold your horses! Before anyone gets their undies in a bunch let’s clear up the title; the 400 calorie diet consists of THREE MEALS A DAY at 400 calories EACH for a total of 1200 calories. Here at WASGC, we’ve decided to try it for the week and see what happens.

For Women to lose weight they should eat 3 meals a day at 400 calories each if they are sedentary, 3-4 meals a day at 400 calories each if they are somewhat active/active and 4 meals a day at 400 calories if they are very active according to the guide. The guide also recommends taking a vitamin supplement, but I do that anyway so…

The deal is that you should be able to eat whatever you want as long as you stay within the allotted calorie goal of 1200 calories. The experts on the plan say that 400 calories per meal is the perfect amount to keep you satisfied, we’ll be the judge of that! Of course there are additional recommendations of what to eat to help you feel full but we’re tossing that out the window and doing what the plan says at it’s core, “That weight loss is simple…it’s all about the calories.”  The plan also promises that we can lose up to 11 pounds in 2 weeks, since we’re only doing it for a week, we’ll say success is a loss of 5 pounds for the week. Obviously My Fitness Pal is going to be handy on this one. Ready? Set? GO!



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