Update on GI diet…

Good Morning Friends!

So as you know, we have been testing out various diets to see what works, what doesn’t and if diets really work in general. Last week, we decided to jump on board with a Low Glycemic Index diet…Here’s what happened! (Read our previous post that explains how the diet works and what the parameters are)

The diet was AWESOME. I never felt hungry because I was eating 6 times a day. I stuck to green light foods and LOST 4 pounds in a WEEK! I know, I know, you’re only supposed to lose 2 pounds a week and anything other than that is muscle and water and scales are a really bad indicator of weight loss and we should be geared towards fat loss…but here’s the really cool thing-this low GI diet was extremely helpful in other ways not just on the scale.

I felt better all around, I had a better outlook and attitude, cravings all but disappeared, it was easy, it was convenient and I felt fuller on smaller portions because my blood sugar wasn’t on a wild rollercoaster ride! What a great diet this was to follow and I can honestly say that I would do it again in a heartbeat, and by that I mean sticking to green light foods most of the time which translates to a lifestyle change. It was SO EASY! There was never a moment where I was like, “This is horrible, how am I going to make it through the next six days?” which I thought was pretty awesome. RUN TO THE BOOKSTORE and get your copy of the G.I. Diet and start feeling better on the inside and out! Stay tuned for the next diet we try so that you don’t have to:)




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