Update on the diet…

So, I know we’ve been away for awhile but life gets crazy! Between work and writing and editing and running and vacations and colds and etc. etc… you get the picture. Last time we chatted we were trying out a diet that let us eat what we wanted within a specific time span…How did it go? Here are the results and you may be surprised! So for seven days I restricted my eating window down to 8 hours per day, that meant that if I ate breakfast at 8 am, I would be finished eating my last bite by 5pm. It wasn’t very hard and I could pick the hours I wanted to eat. For example, let’s say that we were going out to dinner with friends around 7pm and we were going to be finished eating by 9, I would have my first meal at around 1pm! Each day was different and it’s always been very easy for me to skip breakfast so that wasn’t the hard part. The hard part was remembering that I couldn’t eat after a certain time. Here’s the bad news… I lost ZERO pounds in a week. So that tells me that limiting my eating times to a certain window doesn’t work for me. It also made me obsessed with watching the clock and stuffing myself silly because I only had 5 more minutes where I could eat. I also found that my eating habits got worse! The mentality was, “I’m eating for this amount of time, I’m going to make the most of it and eat junk.” And that’s exactly what happened. I know that I’m the type of person who nibbles all day long, it’s rare that I eat a full meal most of the week. I usually choose healthy foods too except  when I restrict myself. This diet did not work for me personally, but it’s all about finding out what works for you! Looks like it’s on to the next one!

Jelly candies http://barnimages.com/

Junk food!


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