Low GI- diet of the week…

I know it’s already Tuesday but who cares? People start diets on every day of the week and a lot of the time it’s on the first of the month so that means we are just in time! March the first-YAY! Only a few more weeks of, “WINTER,” even though we can’t really call this winter in southern Ontario. Ok, back to the diet. I’ve heard a lot of great things about the Glycemic Index diet, so that’s what we chose to do this week. The way the diet works is each food has a specific number assigned to it regarding how it raises blood sugar, at the risk of getting too far into the technical side of this diet I’ll stop here. When blood sugar is raised it results in fat storage and a whole host of other things that aren’t healthy (just ask any diabetic.) We purchased the GI diet by Rick Gallop and he’s done the work by dividing everyday foods into columns of RED, YELLOW & GREEN foods…common sense tells us that we should stay away from the red foods, use the yellow foods sparingly and go ahead with the green foods. Also in the book, are serving suggestions for each green light food. For the next 7 days we will be adhering to the GI diet eating MOSTLY green foods, NO red foods and NO yellow foods. Of course there are different phases throughout the book and the first phase is to eat only green light foods then it moves on to adding yellow foods sparingly and then red light foods only once in awhile. That tells me that this GI Diet is really a lifestyle because it says no food is off limits for life. I’ve recorded my weight and will see what I weigh in a week’s time.I’ll also note my energy levels, how easy the program was to stick to and the different challenges I faced on this diet plan.  I WILL NOT be counting calories or logging them into my fitness pal. I’m really excited to try this and report back with the results!



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