Lie Detector Test…

O.k. this is a really cool test to do, it’s called Pinocchio’s arm. At work, a friend and I were talking and somehow we came to discuss lie detector tests…pretty sure it was in regards to a current episode of the Maury Povich show where a guest was sure he wasn’t the father..sigh. I suddenly remembered this really cool thing that I had read somewhere, about finding a different form of detecting lies, a human form, not the standard machine way. So, instead of working, we decided to try it out!

The instructions are: Stand up and raise your arm horizontally away from yourself (out to the front with your palm facing down), get someone to ask you simple questions that are true but lie about one answer. For example; “Are you married?” If you say yes to this but it’s a lie, the person asking the question should be able to push down on your arm easier than if you were telling the truth.   The theory is that when you ask a person something that is true, they should be able to resist you pushing down on their arm, if they’re lying their arm will not be able to resist being pushed down because their brain is working harder to produce a false statement.

I told my co-worker to stand up and hold her arm out to the front of her body, horizontally to the floor. I started with a simple question, “Is your name Tami?” She looked at me and raised an eyebrow, “Yes,” She answered as I pushed down on her arm and she resisted with no problem. Next question, “Do you have 3 kids?” “Yes,” Still resisting with no problem. Third question, “Are you a vegetarian?” “Yes,” She lied and I was able to push her arm down and it was harder for her to resist. This was really cool, fun and entertaining but perhaps not a perfect method for human lie detecting and please remember this when you try it on your unsuspecting spouse or friends!


Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?


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