Myth vs. Fact…

So you’ve heard me say before that I’m currently training for a 30 km race in our city. It’s on April 3rd which is coming up quickly-am I prepared? Yes and no. Yes to the fact that I have been training diligently and trying to eat well; no to the fact that the biggest part of this race is going to be the mental side of it…and that’s the part I might not be ready for yet. Also no to the fact that I’m exactly like every other person who has off days and binges or skips running that day. It’s a really tough thing to do-not only the 30 km but life in general. Sticking to goals, dragging your ass out of bed when all you want to do is sleep in, eating properly and preparing meals, being organized, getting places on time and showing up to do the work with 100% effort. Keeping your house clean, taking care of your family and everyone else as well as yourself is a huge job and we don’t necessarily have time to spend hours on the treadmill-literally and figuratively speaking. So today’s MvsF is a helpful one,(and a two-parter), for those who have always wondered…

Does Cross-training burn more fat than a steady aerobic routine? AND Does interval training burn extra calories?

Now some people out there may be saying, “DUH!” but there is a ton of misinformation out there especially about exercise, health and nutrition.

So let’s use myself as an example; Obviously I need to run as part of my training program BUT it shouldn’t be the only thing I do and I should also incorporate interval training. Let’s start with the answer to first question; Cross-training DOES burn more fat than a steady aerobic routine. Benefits of Cross-training are plentiful; it helps you work all of your body parts, it keeps things interesting, it reduces injury to a specific part from over use, and it makes people feel better about themselves! There was a study done at the U of Alabama where they took 2 groups of women and in one group assigned them to only do step aerobics and the second group did cross training like boxing, jumping rope, lifting weights etc. After 12 weeks and the SAME amount of hours logged in the gym, the cross trainers came out ahead. They reported feeling better, looking better and greater overall health compared to the cardio only ladies.

Answer to question number 2-YES, interval training burns more calories! What that means is that adding more intense bursts of exercise to your routine will have you killing it in your bikini by May:) Here’s a very simple example: Run for 2 minutes at 80% of your maximum effort then walk for 1 minute.If you really want to ramp things up and have some fun, add in 15 seconds of running at your 100% effort at the end of the 2 minutes at 80%. Repeat for 30-45 minutes and you’ve had a great workout that will help build endurance and improve your performance! This awesome plan allows you to burn MORE CALORIES IN THE SAME AMOUNT OF TIME! Who doesn’t want or need that little tidbit of info?ALWAYS CHECK WITH YOUR DOC before starting any type of exercise program.

So once again we’ve uncovered the truth behind Myth vs. Fact- here’s to interval training and cross training to get your best bod ever!

iphone oct 2015 112

My tabby, “Simba,” helping me put on my shoes.


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