Dollar Store Deals!..

Today I scored some awesome deals from the dollar store. I found the necessary things to make my own eye make-up remover, and an awesome hair spritzer. And the best part is, it was all three dollars or less!  First let’s start with my finds…


So the gauze pads I found in the medical aisle with the band-aids and antiseptics. I found the jar in the glassware aisle and the baby oil (mineral oil) in the baby aisle obviously. To make this super easy eye make-up remover, I simply put the gauze in the glass jar and added 1/4 of the bottle of baby oil. I put the lid on and gave it a good shake.The gauze absorbed the oil and now I’ll just use as needed. It should keep indefinitely. Cost of eye make-up remover $6-$20, and I made it for $3.75, plus I’ve got a ton of left over gauze and baby oil to make as much as I need for awhile. Now on to the hair spritzer! Whenever we go on vacation somewhere warm and tropical, my hair never looks better. It’s definitely the warm air and the salty sea water! Here’s how to make your own at home and there are so many benefits but we’ll get to that in a minute…


So all you have to do is add 1/4 cup of the sea salt to the spray bottle. Fill the spray bottle with 3/4 full with warm water and shake. Use this on damp hair before styling and see the difference in the volume and health of your hair! Here are the benefits of using sea salt for hair as promised; First the sea salt spray will texturize your locks and can easily provide beachy waves or a tousled look. Secondly, there are tons of minerals in sea salt that nourish hair follicles and it’s great for people who have oily hair. Thirdly, the sea salt is unprocessed so it retains the most minerals! What to expect with the sea salt spritz? Voluminous, healthy, bouncy, shiny tresses with just a quick spritz!

The bag of sea salt cost $3.00 and the spray bottle was $1.25, compare that with a very popular, “Surf Spray,” and you’ll save $13.75!  So here’s to beauty, saving money and looking and feeling great:)



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