Craving Control Center…

Everyone struggles with a raging appetite at one time or another and here at WASGC, we can totally relate! We wanted to come up with some ways that work for us for controlling our cravings that are simple and effective, so here’s our tips:

  • Hard candies-Suckers, Jolly Ranchers, mints etc. These definitely work for me when I need a sweet treat that won’t blow the bank on calories. 3 Jolly Ranchers for example are 70 calories. I get that you could eat an apple and fill up on fibre for the same amount of calories but sometimes the apple just doesn’t cut it. Jolly Ranchers really help me out and they take FOREVER to dissolve which is very helpful if you’re craving something sweet and are being tempted by something that’s worse eg. chocolate cake.
  • Sugar free gum-Any flavour is usually about 5 cals for a piece, be careful with this one though because too many can cause a laxative effect and that is something you DON’T want ( I know from experience-gross)!
  • Start your day with protein-Protein helps keep hunger at bay and keeps you fuller longer. So start with some natural peanut or nut butter, (or hell, have a spoonful in an emergency), protein powder added to a smootie, eggs/egg whites, liquid egg substitute. String cheese is also a good portable option for some protein as a snack in between meals if you’re starving and the cupcakes in the break room are calling your name.
  • Dill Pickles-OMG this is one of my FAVOURITE TIPS for appetite control because I use it all the time and it works! I crave salt quite often and a dill pickle or 2 really helps to satisfy my craving-it’s got crunch and salt and let’s face it, that’s all we’re really looking for in the bottom of a bag of chips isn’t it? My favourite brand is Strub’s Kosher Full Sour Pickles (1-pickle is 0 calories btw), obviously all pickles are high in sodium so take it easy.
  • Hot Tea or diet Hot chocolate-This works when you are thirsty but might not know it and your body is trying to tell you it’s hungry. Anything hot takes longer to drink so that in itself will help you bypass the craving, (they usually take about 20 minutes to disappear, so ride it out like a wave and it will pass!), check out our recipe for a Comfy, Cozy, Coffee Treat on our Recipes page, it’s only 135 calories and will stop you from eating an entire tray of brownies, so we say that’s worth it!

The point is, everyone struggles with cravings and they can really get in the way of our health goals. So now, armed with the tools we’ve given you for crushing your cravings, we know you’ll be successful on winning the battle.


My favourite brand of pickles! As you can see the jar is almost empty:(


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