What We’re Reading…

Chapters is my sanctuary. I go there when I’m sad, upset, happy, tired, excited, bored and too busy to be spending an hour wandering around. I usually leave inspired, in a better mood, intrigued, educated and broke. This month we decided to pick a book about change and doing what you love. As I perused the self-help section (again), I came across a book with a sunny-side up, egg on it. Yep, an egg. It was titled, “F**K it do what you love…SOLD. I knew this book was for me immediately because I use that word a lot. I flipped the book over and read the back cover, it talked about doing what you love and some of the suggestions were really good. For example, drop out of law school and become a chef, stop selling things people don’t want, do what blisses you out and write before breakfast. The tag line that I particularly love is THIS IS NOT A BOOK, IT’S A CALL TO ACTION. It’s written by John. C. Parkin and is sold in 23 languages! That is very impressive and so is this book. It reminds us that life is too short to hate your job, your life, your income, your home and whatever else chaps your ass. Plus, for all you nay sayers it gives advice on how to make it work while still earning or keeping an income. We highly recommend this awesome book that will change your life…after all, we were inspired to write this blog after reading it. Start saying F**k it today and start doing what you love. Buy the book it’s on Amazon.do what you love


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