Making time for your workout…

It’s 4:45 am and your alarm goes off. You slap the S*%T out of it and then remember that it’s your iphone (gone are the days of pounding on your clock radio to shut it up) and pray that the screen didn’t crack from the beating you just gave it. The bed is warm, three furry bodies are laying beside you, one of them your husband. You have the perfect ratio of blankets and everyone is peacefully asleep. It’s still dark out but dammit you’ve got to get up to start your day. For me personally this is every single morning. Sure, there are days when I sleep in, but more often than not I drag my ass out of bed and get on the treadmill before my brain realizes what’s happening. It is so important to find the time to exercise and it’s really difficult for most women to establish a routine. I’m not saying that women around the world are sleeping in and skipping their workouts, I’m saying that there are so many demands on women that it’s hard to carve out some alone time. That’s why for me, I like to get up super early before anyone starts demanding my attention. I’ve been doing this for the past 5 months and what a difference it’s made in my mood, my fitness level, my health and my sanity. Try it and see if it works for you! Carve out some much deserved “me” time and take care of yourself doing whatever makes you happy because if you don’t who will?



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