Is this even possible?

My brother and sister each have 2 dogs…none of which are particularly brilliant but that is beside the point. After spending a few hours with their canines at a family gathering, I wondered; is it possible to train a cat the same way you would train a dog? This led me to an exciting experiment! I went to the cupboard to collect some treats and figured I would start with bribery-chicken flavoured soft chews that my cats are crazy for seemed to be the perfect choice. I shook the bag and they came running! So far so good. The next step was to make them sit. I looked at Simba, my eldest feline son…he seemed intrigued. I looked at my other boy Sebastieno and he looked unimpressed as per usual. This was going to be harder than I thought. I shook out two treats per cat and held them in my fingers above their heads,”Sit!”…they looked at me with curiosity and nothing happened so I tried again, “Siiiit!” Hmm…now they were circling my ankles and meowing loudly in disgust. I’m pretty sure I had insulted their intelligence, after all I was their servant and they demanded things from me not the other way around. But I was determined to prove that my cats were smarter than or just as smart as their canine cousins so I tried one last time. I held the treats a little closer to their heads and leaned over, “Sit!” And then it happened! Success! I had trained ONE of my cats to sit on command! Sebastieno was having none of it but he got the treats anyway…perhaps he was smarter than all; rewarded without performing…if only life were that way and if only I was a cat!


Simba sitting for a treat!


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