Cake & Loaf Bakery

Last Friday Sarah invited me out for the morning to spend some time with her and Mackensie. On the way to the indoor play park we chatted and she asked if I had ever been to Cake & Loaf bakery, until then I had never heard of it. We were fortunate enough to get a spot right outside the tiny store and went inside. The Cake and Loaf Bakery was pure magic! It smelled like heaven and there were SO MANY treats to choose from…home-made marshmallows, giant, ooey-gooey chocolate chip cookies that were stuffed with Nuttella (in honour of world Nuttella day!), rich, chocolately chip brownies with goat cheese, YES! GOAT CHEESE!, giant Oreos, Rice Crisp squares made with plain potato chips instead of cereal…this was where dreams came true! There were shelves lined with jams, jellys and preserves and we had a very difficult time deciding what to get but we managed 🙂 And the best part was, that everything tasted as good as it looked and then some! What a wonderful gem of a place to be introduced to. My mom’s birthday is this Friday and after telling my sister about the experience at Cake & Loaf, she told me we should order a birthday cake immediately! I ordered easily over the phone and will be picking up the cake on Saturday. Stay tuned for updates on how the cake looked and tasted as well as the general festivities of the weekend. Cake & Loaf is located at 321 Dundurn St. South, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, L8P 2M5 and their website is Check them out if you’re in the area!





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